How do young people make sense of their life experiences and explain them to others?

Merit is a complex idea in American culture. This project examines how admissions professionals and college hopefuls collaborate to sustain the merit idea in routine acts of soliciting, writing and reading applications.

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Application essays and the ritual production of merit in US selective admissions

What are college application essays for?

Poetics, 2022

Ben Gebre-Medhin, Sonia Giebel, AJ Alvero, anthony lising antonio, Benjamin W. Domingue, and Mitchell L. Stevens

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Essay content is strongly related to household Income and SAT Scores: Evidence from 60,000 undergraduate applications

College application essays in an era of machine reading

Science Advances, 2021

AJ Alvero, Sonia Giebel, Ben Gebre-Medhin, anthony lising antonio, Mitchell L. Stevens and Benjamin W. Domingue

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