Doing good pathways research requires access to the right kinds of data. For example, studying students’ trajectories through college requires data that is longitudinal and relational; learning from the diverse experiences of students at different types of institutions requires data from multiple colleges; and understanding the long-term value of educational experiences requires data that follows students well beyond college. It is rare for one data source to have all these qualities—plus be accessible to all qualified researchers—which is why we constructed the College and Beyond II (CBII) data. The purpose of CBII is to democratize access to rich institutional data, and in doing so, produce new insights about how undergraduate education works. In this presentation we provide a general overview of CBII that highlights the many data types (e.g., administrative records, transcripts, survey outcomes, written responses) and measures (e.g., validated scales, National Student Clearinghouse enrollment and awards records, AP test scores) that are available. To illustrate the data’s potential, we will highlight preliminary work using the data. The presentation will also be conversational, allowing pathways researchers an opportunity to discuss how the data could be used to answer their own research questions and further their research agendas.