Blending the worlds of school and work

Working learners simultaneously pursue paid employment and postsecondary education. They are the majority of Americans in college, yet a full understanding of their assets and needs has been limited by the tendency for educators, employers, and researchers alike to presume that work and school are separate worlds.

This project is part of a national effort to correct this presumption and build tractable knowledge to improve opportunities for working learners.

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NSF report: An applied science to support working learners

Concise recommendations from a national peer review


Mitchell L. Stevens, Galeana Drew Alston, Marie Cini, Sean Gallagher, Ilana Horwitz, Cathrael Kazin, Pamela Clouser McCann, Zach Pardos, Elizabeth A. Roumell, Hadass Sheffer, Holly Zanville, Richard Settersten

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Reimagining education for a new map of life

How should we change education to better serve longer lives?

Stanford Center on Longevity, 2021

Ilana M. Horwitz & Mitchell L. Stevens

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